Welcome to the Kicking Horse River Lodge

Enviro Story

We love the beauty of our environment. As such, we respect it by maintaining environmentally-friendly and sustainable building construction.

Pictured:  When you are this close to the land you learn to respect it every way you can.

Our Green Lodge

The Kicking Horse River Lodge was built to reach a level of beauty and elegance that visitors would never forget. Meanwhile, we took great care to address the concerns of a delicate planet and our responsibility to the environment. As a result, KHRL is built to standards that we can live by.



An environmentally friendly geo-thermal heating and cooling system is key to the lodge's green mandate. This system uses ground water circulated throughout the building to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature – it's a thing of beauty.


Geothermal technology is constantly improving and will soon become the norm in Green building techniques due to its extremely efficient design. It both heats and cools our building for a year-round comfortable temperature. This system requires very little hydro-electrical power (just enough to run the pumps) and can reduce CO2 emissions by 77%. This helps to minimize society’s drain on resources. 


kicking horse river lodge


We use new compact fluorescent light bulbs (75% energy savings) in all fixtures that are appropriate.  The bulbs are more expensive, but worth it.  New environmentally friendly cleaning supplies also help to reduce our impacts and while maintaining a high level of cleanliness.We also ask our guests to reuse their towels and bedding for a few days, thankfully most people don’t mind. 


There are many ways that businesses can operate in a “Green” manner and we would love to see everyone thinking of the earth first!

BC Hydro and Green Power

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"We have made a commitment to the region with our lodge, and to the planet with our green mandate. We're really proud of that."

Dave Wilson, Kicking Horse River Lodge