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Recreation Station

You want the best trip you can experience. The Recreation Station works with Golden companies to ensure that you can expect nothing but the best.
Pictured:  "Hey mom, can I go out for a bike ride? C'mon! All of the other guys are!"

The Station's History 

In 1887, the Canadian Pacific Railroad opened the Glacier House Lodge in Roger’s Pass to accommodate the European climbers and hikers who were drawn to the rugged mountains of British Columbia. This influx of tourism brought highly trained Swiss Guides to the small town of Golden City and these settlers cultivated a respect and knowledge for the mountains that still inspires commercial recreation operators here today.


kicking horse river lodge


Our Recreation Station has worked with all local companies to ensure that we offer the perfect trip for each individual traveler. We have an extensive knowledge of local outdoor activities, so please contact us to arrange your adventure of a lifetime.


For more information about the Swiss guides who made Golden famous, visit the Golden Museum by clicking here.

Our Recreation Station lives up to the high standards of the historic Swiss guides with the highest standard of guest safety and customer service in conjunction with the protection and preservation of our pristine and vast environment.


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