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Artist Corner

Our lodge has amazing art hanging on the walls. Get to know our current artists and their styles.


Ann Y. Perodeau


kicking horse river lodge

Landscape painting possibilities can "ambush" me anywhere: from the roadside, from my backyard, and particularly from the wilderness canoe or kayak trips that my husband and I take every year.

 In my youth, I painted the landscape because it was beautiful and it was a way to be outside with that beauty for hours on end, with a "good excuse".  There have always been shapes and contours that struck a chord in me that I would try to capture; it was nature's "language" and I would work at the interpretation of that language.

Now I paint landscapes for reasons that sound dramatic or trite but are real and true at the deepest of levels.  We are not defined by our homes, cities, jobs, possessions.  These are without life.  We are defined by and "grow" in, living environments: we come to be ourselves through other people and are part of a vast network of living things.  When we see ourselves in relation to the things we own or our job titles, we diminish and distort our purpose and being.  When we see ourselves as a part of the greater living landscape, we come to awe, humility, and an understanding of our place as stewards, not  owners or consumers and lose our sense of clock-time.

When I paint the landscape now, it is an act of love, need and mystery.  As I immerse my senses in what is before me, a relationship grows between us.  As I paint in that relationship, I become myself.  When you, the viewer, look at the painting, you see the landscape...and you see who I am.


Brad Hill


kicking horse river lodge  

I use the term "nature photographer" to describe myself, rather than the more limiting terms of "wildlife photographer" or "bird photographer" or even "bear photographer" (though I suspect some of the locals in the community in which I live probably think I'm a bit of a "bear nut"). I'm keen to aim my camera at anything "natural", though I rarely shoot landscapes, mainly because I don't feel my preferred camera format - the SLR camera - is the right tool for quality landscape work.


My photographic goal is to extract and expose the "natural art" that is all around us. My workflow is driven totally by image quality, not speed. The approach that works best for me is to concentrate on locations that are "close to home" where I can become intimately familiar with the local flora and fauna, their annual cycles, and the area's lighting characteristics. I normally take one or two annual trips to slightly more exotic locations, such as BC's Great Bear Rainforest or Churchill, MB (also known as "Polar Bear Central").


A few of my personality characteristics directly impact on my photography: I'm incredibly determined and persistent (some would say stubborn), somewhat anal (although I prefer the term "perfectionist"), observant and analytical (which comes from spending a lot of time studying birds in the field), and very comfortable with technology. And, more important than anything else, a natural early riser.


Cheryl Goodwin


kicking horse river lodge

As a life-long resident of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Foothills, Cheryl always admired the natural beauty of her surroundings.  Winning her first photography contest at the age of 13, she began to experience the joy of sharing her work with others.
After a career in the corporate world, Cheryl decided to return to her rural roots in Alberta.  When the opportunity came to move to BC, sharing time between Golden and Pender Island, she was keen to take advantage of the beautiful vistas through the lens of her camera.
Throughout the past ten years, she has had the good fortune to travel around the globe.  By exploring these new environments while carrying her camera gear in her backpack, she has come to appreciate the diverse cultures and landscapes our home planet has to offer.  
Combining extensive travel with interests ranging from flying to sailing, climbing to scuba diving, motorcycle riding to skiing - she finds there are always opportunities to stop and capture a moment with her camera.
Whether it is a photograph of your favorite mountain or the sun setting on an ocean backdrop, Cheryl welcomes the opportunity to share her images with you.
Safe journeys!