Around here, powder and high water days are considered sick days. (We have a lot of sick days.)
Welcome to the Kicking Horse River Lodge

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You have probably thought about it.  Perhaps you've watched those great ski and mountain bike movies and thought about just getting away. Well, here's your chance.


Snuggled amid the Rocky and Purcell Mountains,  Kicking Horse River Lodge provides an escape from your routine work week. Moments from six national parks, the setting is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. 


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Bugaboo Cafe

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Kickin Ass Features

We call them "the Golden years"!

Our community has a long and storied past, full of action and adventure.
Study up on Golden History

So much better than a gym pass...

Skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, white water rafting - you'll love it here!
Passionate playtime - check it out!

Mama Nature treats us A.O.K.

Check out weather conditions in the Golden area to help plan your trip.

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